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About Miguel

My Background

 Juan Miguel Vazquez was born in a little city of Galicia, Spain, where he resided until the age of eleven and studied his elementary school years. At that time he emigrated with his family to Montevideo, Uruguay, where he finished High School, he went to the School of Fine Arts until 1973. Simultaneously, he studied psychology and sociology in the Faculty of Humanities and Sciences. Between 1974 and 1979 he studied psychodrama with Dr. Rojas Bermudez and philosophy in the State University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, where his family had relocated.
During that period, Vazquez used ceramics as a media of artistic expression, exhibiting his works in diverse galleries in Argentina, Brazil, Peru and Uruguay. In 1980 he moved to Miami, Florida, where he is currently living. Since then, he is dedicated to the design of artistic furniture and works in third dimensions, using an innovative technology created by himself. At the end of 1994, he started traveling to several countries of Latin America and Spain. Generated by a new state of mind , he created new art works which reflect his new ideas . His new creations are full of energy. The surrealistic style permits us to find feelings from the Apocalypses and also related to birth. Every piece is a narrative structure that carries us to an act of self-re flection.
The series "Television and Human Being", presented for the first time at the Florida Museum of Hispanic and Latin American Art in Miami, Florida, is the fundamental part of the exhibition "Realism-Surrealism". It will be also shown in other prestigious galleries, art fairs and other cultural events.
Juan Miguel Vazquez has exhibited his artworks in Montevideo, Uruguay ; Lima, Peru; Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, Brazil; Miami, Miami Beach, Boca Raton and Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Atlantic City and Seaside Heights, NJ; High Point, NC; to name a few.

My Medium

The Flow of Discontinuity. Miguel Vazquez oeuvre is as unique as his artistic personality, we are not going to frame it into any particular “ism” in this presentation.
When a multidimensional personality, with an extensive path into multiple disciplines, chooses to express himself in a particular form and media we are presented with the challenge of decoding the message, or embracing the full impact of the unfiltered power of art. Let’s try both pathS in this labyrinth of rusted metal disguising empathy and suffering.
My first encounter with the inaugural piece of The Flow of Discontinuity series was brutal, unannounced, and my first reaction, plain incredulity. The piece asked me to walk around, revealing new planes and cavities at every degree of the turn, it went on until the artist asked for my opinion, instead of fabricating one, I followed the thrill of the new found art answering with my own questions: How it was made? How can it be massive and ethereal at the same time? Is this heavy mass floating on his own reflection? How can these flowing volumes disappear into an abstract arrangement of pure lines? This is the path of the unfiltered power of art.
For this no frontiers artist, clay modeling and digital aided fabrication are just colors of his extensive palette, it may include power tools, chemical treatments, welding, everything is fair game in the materialization of the codes of his language to express intense suffering, or languid sensuality, the same hands that give data to the software of his digital tools, modeled the clay with the unifying purpose of deeply impacting our senses.

My Inspiration

The lines flow, transcending their discontinue essence, becoming volumes with the complicity of the observer, turned into an explorer of mutating virtual surfaces, playing an illusory game of hide-and-seek between the realms of the figurative and the abstract.
Life and art has taken Miguel from his Spaniard origins in Galicia to Uruguay, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, and United States, the formative years studying fine arts expanded into psychology, sociology and philosophy, and his relentless search for a media of expression went from ceramic to bronze, just to free himself and invent his on materials and fabrication procedures. Stylistically he embraced surrealism in his series “Television and Human Being”, an exercise in social consciousness through his innermost reflections on the apocalyptic insertion of television in our culture, a constructivist by nature, today his sculptures navigate the figurative abstractions realm in his lifetime pursue of the unfiltered power of art.



Digital Era

TV and Human Been

Flow of Discontinuity

DIGITAL (C)AGE exhibition in Fort Myers